09 September 2019


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INTRODUCING NOKE | The smart padlock that unlocks with your phone, UNITED equips its Petrol Trucks with Nokē Smart Locks Technology.

UNITED Petroleum Company adopts Nokē technology for its fleet: smart locks that connect to smartphones via Bluetooth, granting UNITED customers the power to control the discharging and monitoring of petroleum products supply.

Nokē offers a wide range of keyless smart locks that conveniently unlock the trucks’ compartments using Bluetooth enabled smartphones or tablets through Nokē Pro App which is compatible with IOS, Android & Windows, allowing customers to control and monitor all activities with Nokē API. 
By introducing Nokē technology to its transport methods, the company will gain a new competitive advantage while ensuring flawless delivery and control over each customer’s order of petroleum products.


In addition to the above, Nokē technology:

  • Enables the detection of the real-time discharging process
  • Allows the sealing of truck compartments
  • Issues keys remotely
  • Simplifies operations without any required technical skills