09 September 2019


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UNITED was a pioneer among other Petroleum companies, acquiring new Actros trucks from T. Gargour & Fils s.a.l. Mercedes - Benz with Aluminum Tank instead of Steel Tank. Mercedes - Benz trucks have had a reputation for supreme power, reliability, safety, and economy for several decades.

No wonder that trucks with these qualities are in great demand specifically in regions where they face extreme conditions.
Mercedes-Benz has been a pioneer of development in truck technology, from power trains and cabs to the chassis and electronics, for over 50 years. The innovations in the fields of safety, ergonomics, economy and environmental protection are equally impressive.

Thanks to its sturdy, proven components even the harshest conditions Mercedes-Benz vehicles become easy to handle, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for drivers and goods alike.

Mercedes-Benz trucks prove their value not only in day-to-day use, but they also demonstrate that service life of more than one million kilometers or more is readily possible even under the harshest conditions imaginable. They owe this durability to their sturdy design and to the advanced electronics that control the vehicle more proficiently than any driver ever could. The enduring quality of these vehicles even after many years in operation is reflected in their impressive resale value.