United In The Community
  • Sponsorship
    Key Marketing

    At UNITED we are committed to various annual sponsorship agendas.  We endorse special events and programs, educational functions, cultural events, sporting individuals and sporting associations, environmental projects, initiatives and endeavors either by financial means or by direct sponsorship of our products and services.

    UNITED’s resolute decision to be a major contributory to the betterment of our country and community stems from our determination to reach out and build solid and long-lasting relationships with all of our customers, business partners and affiliates.
  • CSR
    Corporate Social Responsibility

    UNITED places particular emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility.  Our obligation extends towards customers, communities, employees, the environment and society at large. 

    We mean Green.  UNITED is instrumental to the contribution of sustainable environmental projects throughout Lebanon.  As of 2008, we have dedicated our involvement both social and financial in numerous ecological sustainment, development and preservation programs across all of Lebanon.  
    To UNITED people and the places of their work are also equally important.  As an equal opportunities employer, UNITED ensures the job quality of all our employees accompanied by extensive training incentives, exceptional reward programs and performance citations. 
  • Safety
    Safety First

    At UNITED we safeguard our employees.  We vigorously pursue all pertinent safety codes and regulations with regard to occupational risks and hazards in compliance with the nation wide rules that are applicable.  

    UNITED also robustly adheres to its own internal safety measures that extend to safety management, personnel safety, personal safety, product safety, transportation safety and process safety protocols.