United Club
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Do you manage an account for a commercial fleet?
Or are you a business owner with drivers?
Find out about United Card and our new United Club Card.

The United Credit Card is a power-packed fuel management card that offers you the most convenient and effective way to manage your fleet. The Card increases fleet efficiency by providing a wide range of features and tools to monitor and control expenses.

With the Card, you can purchase fuel, lubricants, convenience store items and even avail of services, without the need for Purchase Orders or cash.
Our fuel and purchase management system has been designed to be fully adaptable to the different needs of companies, offering you a variety of control and usage options.

1. Control: Managing a fleet of vehicles - car, vans, trucks, buses, pick-ups or motorcycles can be a logistical and financial nightmare.
2. Convenience: Monitor fleet costs with less paperwork
3. Value: Enjoy up to 30 days interest-free credit!
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