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The Founder
The Founder

In 1983 Mr. Joseph Tayeh inaugurated UNITED – a company dedicated to the wholesale and retail distribution of petroleum based fuels and products. 

With over three decades of involvement in the mainstay of Lebanon’s petroleum activities, UNITED has evolved into one of country’s and region’s most prominent companies, assuredly offering loyal customers the excellence that they have expected generation after generation.
The lifetime ambition of Mr. Tayeh was to build a company that would function as a complete entity, emphasizing the importance of solidarity, team effort, faith, and complete dedication to customers; the foundation of UNITED.  
This mode of corporation is continuously reverberated in time and memorial with Mr. Tayeh’s modest yet eloquent statement that: “The team built United, not just I.”
As Chairman and General Manger of UNITED, Mr. Joseph Tayeh led the Company into the global marketplace and into the 21st Century.  
Under his guidance UNITED became a brand leader domestically with exponential growth and investment in the development of logistical fuel distribution networks, petroleum based sub-products, gas stations and multiple branches that serve the specific needs of varied customers spanning across the entire country and beyond.

Chronology of UNITED's success.



UNITED inaugurates 200th Retail Gas Station in Lebanon.





UNITED becomes foremost national distribution leader offering a full spectrum of petroleum products.


UNITED becomes exclusive distributor of Esso launching Esso Lubricant products nationwide.

Universal Gas integrated within UNITED’s corporate family.


Foundation of UNITED Petroleum Company Ltd. - U.P.C. in Lebanon.

  • Our Group

    The United Petroleum Company Limited is a member of JT Holding.  

    Offering consummate excellence in the distribution of petroleum and petroleum-based products for nearly three decades, UNITED’s principle corporate planning emphasizes elevation of our brand name by offering innovative solutions and services in meeting varying individual, corporate, and countrywide petroleum needs.
    UNITED places great importance on sound financial planning and asset utilization in correlation towards our operation to include progressive employee-training initiatives, precise inventory management, regulatory safety measures, and investment into technology. 
  • How We Operate

    UNITED’s operational function includes sustainment and provision of profitable deliveries of petroleum and its bi-products.  UNITED’s modus operandi extends to provide for environmentally and socially responsible methods in petroleum distribution thus ensuring our customers with cleaner and more cost-effective ways to utilize energy.

    Our services include a variety of bespoke options for our customers - including:
    Personalized reviews of your fuel requirements as well as future growth needs
    Customer programs providing solutions for your fuel needs
    Affordable prices for companies, schools and government entities
    Full modern on-site services for contractors 
  • United Brand

    For nearly three decades the distinct red, white and green colors of UNITED’s logo have encapsulated the spirit of our enterprise and have come to represent quintessentially our identity.

    These three colors have come to symbolize team spirit, excellence and quality.  Bearing association to the national flag of Lebanon and envisioning UNITED’s Chairman & General Manager Mr. Joseph Tayeh’s dedication to applying the ideals of the nation into the business that we practice.
  • Achievement

    With nearly thirty years of understanding and involvement with petrochemical products, UNITED strives in the continuity of superior service and professionalism.  Our integrity bestows our reliability towards our business relations and partnerships.  We pay attention to our customers and actually listen to what they tell us always implementing a better way forward as a company.  

    Since our foundation in 1983, UNITED has continuously followed standards of excellence.
    UNITED has become the nations principle importer and distributor of gasoline (UL 95/98), alongside fuel oil and automotive diesel oil.
     UNITED has a storage facility capability for 13.500.500 liters of petroleum products; carried out in coordination with its sister company Universal Gas.
    UNITED is the authorized distributor of Esso lubricants in Lebanon.
    UNITED has over 200 operational petrol stations in Lebanon, including the following locations:
    Halat Sur Mer
    Holiday Beach
    Blue Beach 
    Malibu Bay
    College Saint Joseph Aintoura
    College La Sagesse 
    College St. Jean
    College Central
    UNITED is an active Board Member in the Association of Petroleum Importing Companies.